About Eriez Construction, Inc. 

Eriez Construction, Inc. was established as a business corporation in September 1971. With its corporate office located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Eriez Construction, Inc. works as a General Contractor doing Commercial, Industrial and Institutional construction projects. We have become successful with a reputation for quality construction in a timely fashion for a reasonable cost.

Eriez Construction, Inc. is:

Key Personnel:

James D. Schreiber, President, Projects’ Manager, 44 yrs General Construction – All Phases

Deborah Sceiford, Finance Manager, 22 yrs Timberline Accounting

Trish Gibbons, Project Coordinator/Project Manager, 16 yrs Timberline Project Management

Robert Usko, Field Supervisor, 32 yrs General Construction – All Phases

John Cassano, Material Handling, 15 yrs Constuction

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Eriez Construction, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer